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        Pin-joined scaffold is regarded as the new straightly inserted disk scaffold which offers  not only great convenience in opening and closing but also the beauty for construction.
              With the feature that it has no wastage basically in the process of building which shows a great advantage in …

        Garden tools

        Langfang Yuxin Jingyi Metal Product Co., Ltd,The major production are garden tools 、auto parts、automatic welding equipment and construction scaffold
               Our company has been granted by the certificates of ISO9001  we take the following steps:skille…

        Address:Development Zone, Bazhou City, Hebei Province. Tel:0316-7957799 Mobile:18032602109

        Copyright:Langfang Yuxin Jingyi Metal Product Co., Ltd Record Number:冀ICP備14010560號  Site map RSS Baidu.xml Google.xml

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